Click Photos, originally named K&D Photography and Designs, was started by 18 year old Dominique Smith in 2015. The services provided are photography and graphic design. Graphic design includes; business cards, flyers, and logos. The purpose of this company is to capture your events and create memories you’ll never forget. For price inquiries, call, email, or contact through social media. Contact information is provided on the “Contact” page.IMG_1762 copy








My name is Dominique Smith. I am 18 years old and I love taking pictures. I was inspired by a few of my school mates who were really good at it. I would looIMG_3136k at their work on Tumblr all the time to get a gist of what exactly to do, to get a quality picture. This exposed me to even better photographers who had been taking pictures as their career. My favorite pieces were the cityscapes, fashion shots and nature shots. I eventually started taking pictures in December of 2014 when my parents bought me my first professional camera for Christmas. It became one of my favorite hobbies.

In 2015, the year I graduated from high school, I decided to capitalize on my new found hobby. College is very expensive, so this would allow me the opportunity to help my parents out with a small portion of it. I landed a few gigs before I left for college, but with a busy schedule, I had to put photography on hold. Now that I am settled and a little less occupied, I am ready to continue my journey as a freelance photographer.


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